About Us

We are a registered 501c3 Organization in Pittsburgh, PA.

We are, “Dedicated to the selfless service to any animal in needs through Education, Advocacy, Adoption and Support Services.

We will offer aid, refuge, rehab/foster homes, and supplies to any animals we can financially sustain. Otherwise, we will utilize our network of partners to offer referrals and other resources for Education, Advocacy and Support Services.

Our organization, Animals Against The Odds Rescue & Rehab, Inc. (AATO) was originally started by a 10-year old girl in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, whose passion and dedication to the selfless service of animals inspired us all. She never let her age limit her ability to make a positive difference in the world for animals. She motivated all of her friends, family & community to work together to help all animals. With their help and through our various projects and collaborative network, we have offered assistance to domestic and wild animals in OH, WV, PA & MD.

We are Advocates for…

  • Responsible Rescues collaborating to be of selfless service to animals in need;
  • All animals should be treated with dignity and respect;
  • No Kill Nation: euthanasia is not birth control, responsible pet ownership, spay/neuter clinics;
  • No chaining/penning laws: pets should not be chained, penned or crated for more than 12 hours/day;
  • T/N/R (Trap, Neuter (or spay), Return) & Stray Cat Colony Management;
  • ​​Pets should be treated as valued family members and provided with adequate food, water, shelter, medical care, socialization and unconditional love.


We at AATO rehabilitate & re-home stray, abused, unwanted or injured animals in need, and make sure they get the medical care they need from a veterinarian or specialist. We are an ALL-VOLUNTEER foster-based rescue. Most of our animals are adjusting to home life, socializing, being prepared for adoption in the private homes of our fosters. All of our Fosters are animal advocates and experienced animal caregivers. If you are interested in fostering, please contact us and join our team. Offering your home to an animal is a selfless way to help that animal make its next steps to his/her forever home.

Adoption Services for Dogs & Cats

All AATO animals are up to date on shots for age, come with a health certificate, are microchipped prior to adoption, and will be spayed/neutered (over 6 months old). (We do not declaw cats, nor do we allow any of our cats to be declawed once adopted.) All of our potential adopters complete an application process and fulfill a meet & greet and home visits before and after adoption to ensure that their new forever friend is doing well with their new family.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

AATO Co-Founder, Dr. Lisa Simms is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and we collaborate with other licensed rehabilitators in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Our primary goal is to get abandoned or injured wildlife into the hands of a qualified professional as quickly as possible to prevent further injury or death. Wildlife have very specific needs, and should not be treated in homes by well-meaning though unqualified people.

Mobile Critter Crusaders

AATO volunteers deliver pine chips, straw, dog houses, food & supplies to outdoor pets, homeless animals and low-income families that may be struggling to keep their pets in their family. Volunteers also offer “transport” to rescued animals in the Tri-State area for animals on the way to their forever homes or specialized rehabilitation groups.

We welcome and encourage the participation of individual kids or schools seeking to do animal or rescue related projects. Many times projects can be counted toward a school, community service or Senior project!

Eagle Scout Candidates Welcome!